How much should we pay this person? Every marketing professional engaged in influencer hiring has to answer this question at one point of time. We can help with the answer. Taking the guess work out of the equation, we dig deep into the profile of the influencer to arrive at the real value of influence. As the first step we analyze the following details

  1. Influence Authority of the influencers
  2. Most active hours of the influencer
  3. Influencers mention of various brands
  4. Number of people influencer is following
  5. Number of followers of influencer
  6. Regional distribution of followers 
  7. Most active hours of followers
  8. Followers of followers
  9. How many influencers do followers follow
  10. Account age of followers
  11. Recencies of followers engagements
  12. Total tweets by influencer followers
  13. Languages used by followers

Besides the above parameters we also look into few other details. Once the above analysis is done, we propose the valuation range based on the Influence Authority index as well as known engagement values of influencers of similar profile. 

This report is a must for any company negotiating contracts with influencers.  

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