Country level influencer reports are ideal for any organization looking for influencers that can address diversified target audience. These reports identify top influencers not necessarily attached to any specific subject example banking.

Frequently updated and manually curated, every reports has a wealth of information about each influencer. The details available in these reports are

  1. Influencer Type
  2. Subject matter expertise
  3. Screen name
  4. Full name
  5. Location
  7. Short bio
  8. Ranking
  9. Social Authority

Definition of top influencer varies from country to country. Smaller nations likes Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait - a top influencer is defined as anyone with more than 10,000 followers while in countries with higher population like KSA, a top influencer is defined as anyone with more than 100,000 followers. 

Since GCC countries are monarchies, we exclude royal family members and government officials while building these reports. In our experience, more often than not, these individuals are not available for commercial influence projection activities. Also excluded in these reports are brands and people offering sexual services. 

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